Leadership is like a tree, a fruit tree

Leadership is like a tree, a fruit tree


For starters “Challenging the Rulers: A Leadership Model for Good Governance” is a good read. This book is a must read for every Kenyan who is interested in good leadership and wants to make an informed decision as we vote for our leaders in the 2013 elections. Hope am not infringing on any ones right by sharing this link


In one short paragraph let me summarize this book.

Leadership is like a tree, a fruit tree “Planted in a soil of democracy, with a tap root of constitutionalism, Supported by a system which draws its strength from the leadership principles of servant hood, effective communication strategies and a culture of accountability. Characterized by strong result-oriented adultilised in various development fruits including Infrastructure Development, Human Development, Social Development, Economic Development and Environment Management”. Like a good fruit tree, leadership is judged by the fruits it produces

Kenyans are soon going to the ballot to elect their leaders. We just don’t know how the elections will turn out to be. Our prayer is a prayer for peace, that’s why we have mobilized our staff and members to plant a fruit tree for peace and to write to God for peace. We love what our fellow Kenyans are doing @ www.writetogod.co.ke and we as an organization have decided to reach out to 100 kenyans to write to God. By the time of writing this blog, a total of 6986 letters had been received, the target is 1 million there is still much to be done.


Other than prayer and writing to God, we must act in a peaceful manner and spread the message of Peace, Love and Unity. I invite all our friends and stakeholders both at home and abroad to say a prayer for Kenya.Spare 5 minutes and write to God via www.writetogod.co.ke. God bless Kenya, Africa and the whole world



PLANT A FRUIT is a CSR initiative supported by Natural Green Farm technologies

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