Grafted AvocadoHass, FuerteIn Stock
Grafted AppleAnna, Cripps Pink,Golden dorset, Gala, FujiIn Stock
Grafted PeachGolden peach, Red havenIn Stock
Grafted OrangeWashington, Pixie, Mineola, Valencia, Tangerine, Mandarin, Valencia, Cara Cara, In Stock
Grafted LemonMeyer, Lisbon, Genoa, Sour lemonIn Stock
Grafted MangoApple, Kent, TommyIn Stock
Grafted ApricotOut of stock
Grafted NectarineOut of stock
Grafted LoquatSweet loquatIn Stock
Grafted PearsHood, Bon chretian, keifferIn Stock
Grafted Custard AppleIn Stock
Grafted LimeBears, Thai, MalindiIn Stock
Grafted White SapoteOut of stock
GrapeAutumn Royal, Thomson seedless, Red globe, Flame, Maroo, Muscat,Italia
Dwarf GuavaRed flesh, White fleshIn Stock
JaboticabaIn Stock
PomegranateWonderfulIn Stock
JackfruitIn Stock
PersimmonKakiIn Stock
Cherry guavaIn Stock
Cherry plumIn Stock
PlumIn Stock
Edible FigIn Stock
Brazillian CherryIn Stock
StrawberryChandlerIn Stock
GooseberryIn Stock
RaspberryIn Stock
Black berryIn Stock
Sour sopIn Stock
FeijoaOut of Stock
QuinceOut of Stock
DragonIn Stock
ChestnutIn Stock
MacadamiaIn Stock
Tree TomatoIn Stock
Star FruitOut of Stock
MulberryIn Stock
Blue berry
  1. This is very inspiring. Practical and real solutions to life threatening problems around the globe. Keep up.

  2. Beatrice Njuguna

    where are the seeds sold?am in thika direct me to your nearest branch

  3. Where are seeds sold in Western,Busia

  4. very inspiring.kindly let me know where the kiwi fruit seedlings are particularly interested i growing yellow capsicum but not in the meantime.keep up the good work.God bless you all.

  5. I am looking for seedlings for edible Mediterranean Fig, and pomegranate. I believe they would do well in the Lake Victoria basin. Do you know of these seedlings being sold anywhere in Kenya?

  6. hi i like and feel encouraged by what you advocate. infact I am interested in three fruits. grapes, kiwi and apples. am from Vihiga county, where can I get the seedlings of these friuits? thank you

  7. Naomi Wangari Chai

    Hi, are there available tomato tree seedlings or seeds? asking from Limuru.

  8. Hi, do you have ready to plant seedlings of annona family and the kiwi plant. Also interested in papaya seedlings.

  9. jane mathenge

    hi,which apple seedlings would do well ukambani also intrested in apple mangoes,avocado,tree tomatoes,passion fruit ans pawpaws.all grafted seedlings.kindly give me info so i can strategize

  10. Hi. Do you have Grapes seedling? Sarah, Kiambu

  11. I have a farm in Voi. I need seeking for Applesthe one I have seen suitable for Voi area, passion fruit, banana, oranges and mangos

  12. How do I get seedlings for Apple and bananas my contact 0722877406

  13. Hi this is good info,By any change do you deal of know about chillies?
    Do you have a branch in Voi?

  14. Would like to buy a few seedlings of guanabana trees for domestic garden

  15. Cmany thanks and await your response

  16. Where can I get those seedlings? Am in Kiambu town

  17. Can I get raspberry and blackberry seedlings? My contact is 0727439197

  18. Where can I get cuttings of the mulberry tree

  19. Do you have cherry seedlings

  20. pius musungu otwane

    can I get apples and kiwi seedlings? at how much each?

  21. Douglas Achambo

    Where are you located and what’s the price of grafted mango, orange, apple, lemon and jackfruit?

  22. Goitsemodimo Manowe

    I need 200 peach seedlings. Im in Botswana. Can you supply?

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