About Us


Our mission is to unleash the potential of Youths, Adults, Organizations and Communities to engage together towards a greener and healthier planet.

Mantra-Doing More using Less

Vision Statement-We envision a Kenya that is food secure and environment friendly.


– Make greatest impact using little resources. .
– Give birth to a new breed of agripreneurs who will understand the connection of agriculture, environment, health & nutrition.
– Establish demo farms and certified fruit nurseries that will produce fruit seedlings and serve as centres of learning in communities.
– Develop a platform that will link our tribe members and will offer advisory and extension services to our clients.
-To increase the amount of local and organically grown horticultural produce consumed by Kenyans.

We encourage climate smart strategies that offer climate resilience benefits of improved food security, soil quality, improved soil water retention, reduced erosion, and perennials that are better able to withstand climatic changes. We are making our small contribution towards increasing tree cover in Kenya to 10 per cent of total land area. Climate change is a developmental issue and requires a cross-sector, high-level response to reduce risks  and maximize opportunities. We take this opportunity to demonstrate how our small individual actions to address climate change can cumulatively add up to large impacts at national level.

We believe that everybody should have a fruit tree in their yard and we can make this possible for you.We use grafted seedlings, grafting transforms low quality fruit trees into the best commercial varieties and the trees take a shorter time to mature. Grafted fruit trees yield high quality fruit that can create more income, replace deforestation, provide better living conditions and offer many nutritional benefits

  1. Guys i am truly touch with your project nd i wil also lyk my fellow scouts 2 learn frm you nd as i speak i would love if we cn hav a physcal contact with u guyz we ar frm mombasa

  2. Impressive! I will do my best to partner your efforts with other environmental organizations here in the US..Kudos keep going..

  3. Hi,
    kudos to what you are to promote agribusiness at the same health conscious of our people especially on organic food intake. I am aspiring farmer and soon i will be requiring more tips. Kindly feather your wings to north rift regions. Thanks.

  4. Bravo People!
    This is the kind of group have been looking forward to share and work with.Currently an doing Mango(400),Banana(600),pawpaw(200),Passion(300) and intending to do Tomato tree(200) next rain season.Therefore with these I have no objection to share with you good people.Please if you may allow me to be associated with you for the better world full of fruits and a clean environment.

  5. Very informative and encouraging. I will make contacts

  6. where is marurui? if i need. a variety of special fruits at mombasa eg 100 pcs how can l get them and at how much?

  7. l need 100 plants variety of fruit trees at mombasa. how ca n l get them and at how much?

  8. Ecxellent work. i would like to laern and put into practice the same.

  9. Jackton Namtala

    good work guys ,,, I must join the group

  10. Am working on my 12 acres of arid land in malindi hinterland,kilifi county with very minimum rainfall but fortunately a water pipe passes near my farm and am intending to use the same pipe water to irrigate my 12 acres and plant grafted apple mangoes,pawpaws,tissue bananas and avocado, etc but have no funds i therefore request for your highly valued assistance to enable me to realize my dream Am ready to offer my farm for your demonstration for this region,best regards eric katana

  11. Hello am in need of kiwi seedlings any help

  12. Where are you located? How can we visit you and have a face-to-face meeting to discuss best fruit tree to plant in Western Kenya (Busia)?

  13. this is great. proud of you. great minds!!!

  14. I am looking to start a small orchard at my plot here in Nairobi. Can you deliver me seedlings?

  15. a beautiful project! i am happy learn about you and your good work.

  16. Hi. Iam a beginner, trying to find fruit trees for planting and to learn more horticulture gardening ideas. Are you able to help with contacts, ideas, seedlings, etc? am in Mombasa

  17. Cleopas mainga

    Where are you located and the prices

  18. Forster Andanje

    This is a very good article on loquot farming where can i get grafted or selected seedlings to plant. I also need to know your location and number

  19. Am in need of fruit seedlings where are you located am in kiambu County

  20. Hi, which fruit seedling do you have and what are their prices?

  21. Hello, I would like to make a request for a quotation/ catalogue. thank you!

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