1. Edible Landscaping

We provide an alternative to conventional landscapes by incorporating edibles which include flowers, herbs, nuts and fruits that are as attractive as purely ornamental landscapes. We strike a balance between ornamental plants and edible that blend well with your compound.


2. Bulk processing of seedlings

Place an order and let us process quality seedlings both grafted and non-grafted.


3. CSR projects

We do also partner with organizations to carry out sustainable environment conservation and food security CSR programs.


4. Developing Edible Forest gardens

We develop well-designed food forests that are not labour intensive and have the potential to out-produce normal cropping systems in food calories per unit. We mimic natural forest systems and develop multi-layers using edible trees, shrubs, herbs, flowers and vegetables.

Present- MAY 2014

  1. Trust you are all doing well. I am interested in purchasing apple and grapes seedling kindly provide your contact details.


  2. You are doing a great job! Congrats. I need more information on how I can buy seedlings. My email address is

  3. Good job people i will like to have handout on management treatment and if possible passion disease they symptoms and control chemical used

    • 0700791126 if possible send to me via whatsap cos i need to have enough knowledge before i make order for seedlings

  4. Can red grapes do well in Kiserian? what about Nandi?

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