Provide logistical support to those who want to implement sustainable fruit tree planting projects or develop fruit tree nurseries, fruit orchards and food forests.

Community capacity building
We love it when the projects we execute have a great impact. This is realized by such projects being centers of local knowledge and seed banks where community members can acquire new skills and purchase certified seedlings.

We are building a network of “plant a fruit” affiliates both locally and globally playing different roles in the value chain from; research, production, value addition, marketing and distribution.

  1. Hi
    I watched the episode on Q-Tv this evening and appreciate the work you do. In particular the info on apple farming and recalled how difficult I found it to get apple seedlings last year to plant. I will be happy if you could connect me with how to get more apple seedlings.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Hello! It looks good but all for Nairobi and nothing for the rest of Kenya? Especially the neglected Western province… Do you have any project for Nyanza and Western provinces?

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