Youth have to claim their seat at the table

There is great need to cultivate a new breed of practitioners for sustainable progress and innovative career patterns for young people in agribusiness and we at PLANT A FRUIT are working towards that.

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When it comes to youth and agriculture, most of us think we know what needs to be done: governments and other stakeholders need to develop innovative approaches and policies to get more youth involved in this critical sector. It goes without saying that the stakeholders are expected to involve the youth in innovation and policy formulation. Not much is said about what the youth can do themselves to facilitate their involvement in these processes.

Africa is currently the most youthful continent in the world. It is estimated that by 2015, youth will make up 60 percent of the population on the continent. These young people, who will soon be the drivers of the continent’s economy, need to know that they have a right to be involved in high-level policy dialogues on agriculture and begin actively seeking opportunities to participate.

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PLANT A FRUIT is a CSR initiative supported by Natural Green Farm technologies

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