ESD is described as ‘education that enhances sustainable development in Kenya’. ESD provides an enabling environment that enables learners contribute effectively towards the achievement of inclusive and sustainable development. The local ecological, social and economic context is taken into account in the process of teaching and learning. An education that links knowledge to action and change can be used as a tool for achieving development goals.

Gardening and tree planting offers kids a way of becoming involved with their environment, allowing them to manipulate and shape that environment while remaining safe. They also learn a wide range of practical and personal skills, including observation, planning, problem solving, and responsibility. Finally, it will give them a meaningful sense of accomplishment and self-worth because at the end of the program their own gardens, both at the school and at their home, will be producing food.


Kariobangi North County Rep “Snaitch” leading Kids in fruit tree planting session



Kids love farming, pictures don’t lie!

KIDS corner


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